Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Workout of the Day

Here's a workout that I just finished doing with my morning circuit class. Who needs coffee when you have this workout to look forward to? Check it out:

Dynamic Warm-Up
- Jogging, Butt Kicks, Seal Jacks, Cariocas, Line Shuffles, Gate Swings

* All circuits - 20 sec./exercise; 10 sec. recovery between exercises

Circuit #1
1) Push-Ups
2) Prisoner Squats
3) Staggered Push-Ups
4) Cross Crunches
5) Judo or Dive Bomber Push-Ups
6) Cross Crunches
7) Push-Ups (Choice of Regular, Judo/Dive Bomber or Spiderman's)
8) Cross Crunches

Circuit #2
1) DB Swing
2) Iron Cross w/ Squat
3) DB Swing
4) DB Quick Press
5) DB Swing
6) Iron Cross w/ Squat
7) DB Swing
8) DB Quick Press

Circuit #3
1) 2 DB Rows to Deadlifts (x10)
2) Push-Up to Plank Bridge
3) 180 degree Squat Jumps (BOSU)
4) "Over the Top" Lateral Shuffles (BOSU)
5) Asymmetrical Push-Ups (BOSU)
6) BOSU "Around the World" Toe Taps
7) Ball Floor-to-Wall Touch
8) 180 degree Squat Jumps or "Over the Top" Lateral Shuffles (BOSU)

Cool Down

We managed to finish this workout in less than 30 minutes. Get creative and add in your favorite exercises to the circuit above. There's no excuse for not having any time to exercise! It's time to step it up and throw the excuses list in the trash!


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