Thursday, November 13, 2014

The True Value of a Penny

The following is a story that I recently read and paraphrased from a great book by a very influential and spiritual man and author, Bob Goff, and his book titled 'Love Does: Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World'.

Many of us are guilty in truly giving others, including ourselves, not enough credit than we should in terms of personal wealth. We're often misled to believe, whether it's by mainstream media, social circles or that 'little voice in your head' that says 'we aren't worthy'.

This is a story that I hope will resonate with you and your wealth of life while giving us the ability to create 'our own rules' and fulfill our hearts with gratitude and more importantly, belief in ourselves!


There was this little boy who would walk to the general store located on the corner of the street in his neighborhood which was a block away from his home. The store had a bell on spring that would ring whenever someone opened the door. On the summer days, the little boy would spend hours in there with the elderly gentleman who owned the place as he was kind soul full of good nature, integrity and always offered a nod of his head and a grin whenever someone entered the store. In this young boy's mind, this man was known to him as "The Candy Keeper", the luckiest man in the world. He reasoned that anytime he wanted, he could take a piece of candy, and he didn't have to pay.

However, the little boy did have to pay if he was to get what we desired. So whenever his father would come home from work, he would dig into his pant pockets to seek any loose change that he could gather. When he thought he'd had enough, he'd walk over to the corner store, walk in and the bell would ring. The elderly would nod and grin as the boy slowly made his way to the counter. As he walked up, he studied the various candy selections as he carefully made his final decision as to what great treat would satisfy his sugary palate.

Once he was up at the counter, he’d proudly make his choice and proceed to tell the old man what he’d like to purchase. He’d then dig into his pant pockets and cautiously place his bounty of coins onto the counter. He never knew if he had enough, so he’d stare at the old man in hopes to learn if he had the proper amount of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. The old man would gently smile and slowly start counting the coins in a low, gentle voice. As he did, the boy could smell the sweet and delicate scent of pipe tobacco on his vest as the old man would lean over to count his change which gave him a calming sense of trust. 

When the old man counted the proper amount of coins, he’d slide the candy bar over to the boy, scoop up the money that was his, and would give the remaining coins back to the boy. It wouldn't be long before the boy would tear open the package of the wondrous treat. Rather than go home, he’d spend the time enjoying every bite in the company of the candy keeper, watching him bag groceries, listening to the small talk conversations with the locals, and learn about the happenings within the neighborhood. This was the young boy’s place of solitude and contentment.

One day when the boy thought he had enough coins, he walked over to the store, made his candy selection, and proceeded to scatter all of his coins onto the counter for the old man to count. He would go about his ritual and start separating the coins into rows like he always did. In the process, he would tell the boy what each coin was worth and ask him to count as they went along. By the time the count reached somewhere around eleven or twelve, the boy would stop counting and let the old man proceed on his own without making him feel bad, guilty or ashamed. When he was done, the boy would stare at the old man and see if he had enough. When he did, he would nod and grin and let him know. 

However, on this particular day, the boy noticed a look on the candy keeper’s face that he didn't recognize nor had he ever seen before. When the counting was done, the old man shook his head and squinted. By the look on his face, the boy thought that maybe he didn't have enough!

“We’re one penny short”, the old man said in a sympathetic voice. When you’re young, one penny is a great divide and can make you feel very alone when it’s just you. However, the candy keeper did say “We”, which made it sound as if they were in this together.

"I have an idea", exclaimed the old man. He grabbed one of the pennies and reached for a polishing towel underneath the counter . He then continued to reach for an open can of polishing cream and put a small dab onto the rag.

“I know exactly what you feel like right now.” He grinned at the young boy as he slowly started to rub the penny between his fingers with the rag. “I know how it feels to want something so bad only to fall short in getting it!” The boy was astonished as this was the longest sentence the old man had ever said to him.

“I really love watching over this store and I am appreciative of the people who come in. And I must say, I really love that you come in to see me so much and the time you spend here keeping me company.”

As the old man finished polishing the penny, it went from a dull, grey looking coin into a brilliant, dazzling, shiny bronze color as if it was freshly minted! It looked brand new! AMAZING! The old man took the penny and dropped it onto the counter with the other coins.

“Did you know that shiny pennies are worth DOUBLE in my store?” the old man asked the young boy.

With his spirits being elevated, the boy replied in amazement, “They are?!”

“Yep! Shiny pennies are worth two!”

And the young boy believed him. Not because he was an adult and because the boy was young and naive. He believed the old man because of who he was. As we know, words that are spoken by kind people have the ability to endure in our lives for a very, very long time.

We all know that shiny pennies aren't worth two out in the real world. They’re only worth one. In the case of the story above, the old man wasn't intentionally plotting against the boy in terms of understanding math. He just wanted to let the boy know that according to him, shiny pennies are worth two. They might not hold the same value in someone else’s store. But in the candy keeper’s store, that was his rule and that rule was specially made just for that young boy.

It’s been said that if we were to live in a reverse economy, we’d get more in life that we can imagine. If we want more, we need to give more. If we strive to be a leader, we must also follow. You only live for certain things in life only if you’re willing to die for them. In retrospect, if we learned anything from the candy keeper is that we have more power than we think and give ourselves credit for. We also have the power to make our own rules about the life we want and seek while living out the economy that’s in place for us all.

Figuratively, we all get to be to the store/candy keeper and we ultimately get to decide who gets what as well as what things are worth. We must also understand and comprehend that those around us, including ourselves, are worth more than people might think or give credit for - even if it means doing the math differently.

If you think about it, we’re all on the other side of the counter when it comes to the things we need in life – a little help, assistance, humility, grace, gratitude and humbleness……

Maybe even a shiny penny every now and then. 


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Workout of the Day - Team Training (Vigor Ground Style)

The best and coolest part of what I do as a fitness professional and strength coach, aside from working with amazing & dedicated clients, comes down to the awesome conversations I have with people who ask 'what I do for a living'. Listening to how the conversation shifts gears from the current workouts they're currently involved in, or the lack of exercise and knowing that they want to 'get back into it', it usually ends up with wanting to know what we do in our sessions at Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance.

What are our training sessions are like?

Are the workouts tough?

Is the equipment the 'hardcore stuff' like kettlebells, sleds, barbells?

Well, rather than tying it all out for you, I recently shot a video that depicts a typical 'Team Training (formerly known as Bootcamp) Session' from the warm-ups to the workout itself.

Keep in mind that the timing, reps and sets will vary depending on the exercise protocols we use for a given training session - EDT, Timed Intervals, Countdowns, Stacking, Ascending / Pyramid Reps, etc.

Here's the video.




Monday, November 10, 2014

The Power of Upgrading Your Quality of Life

It amazes me when I converse with folks who have 'given up on themselves' before they even begin to give themselves a chance.

Let me elaborate a bit.

The opportunity to connect with someone who's eager to 'upgrade' their life because they're simply sick & tired of being 'sick & tired' is what I do as a fitness professional - to help you explore every potential avenue of personal success as it relates to optimal prep for your mindset, fueling/nutrition, training & recovery. This is what resonates with EVERYTHING that encompasses who you are as an individual!

Excitement sets in knowing that they've taken an important, and significant step, to inquire about our programs and services and what we, together as a TEAM, can do to get to the desired end result....and then some.

To come back and state, "I don't think I'm the right fit for your program", makes me wonder the state of mind the person is in. Without stepping foot into our facility, to take time to sit down and truly converse about the challenges/obstacles that inhibits progression, to deny the contingency of a life-changing experience for oneself is denying the freedom to break away from the darkness one may be in. The place they so desperately want to break away from but refuse to do so because of a thing called 'Fear'!

We can’t be afraid to venture out of the tiny circle(s) of comfort we build for ourselves simply because it feels good. You’ll never know of the amazing opportunities that are waiting to be discovered if we only dare to stay put without seeking the adventures of exploration.

What may seem good at the moment may be the very reason why we become blind to the vast & many things/opportunities that may be better for us in the long run!

Just know that YOU have the power to upgrade the quality of your life…..if you seek to do so!

It comes down to finding your inner truth and embracing the process of exploration. 

The fascinating thing is to discover what has yet to be while recognizing the amazing things that empower and enrich our lives along the way! 


Friday, October 17, 2014

Workout of the Day - MMA Special (Metabolic Mayhem Assault)

So there you are! Making your way to the gym and contemplating the upcoming workout experience as you know that boredom is starting to set in doing the same thing over & over again.

You're results are becoming stagnant and you're a bit frustrated with the lack of progress!

So what to do?!

If you're looking for a quick, explosive, heart-thumping, metabolic exercise experience, then look no further!

Check out this workout that's GUARANTEED to help you torch body fat, build lean muscle and make you experience the essence of the "2 S's" - Sweat & Smile!

I give you the.......

MMA Special - Metabolic Mayhem Assault!


Time to get to it!


Monday, September 22, 2014

The Perks Of....

Just the other day, I was just finishing up a training session with my early morning groups when a few of our clients/members stuck around afterwards to chat a bit. As we discussed the optimization of post-workout nutrition and the premise behind the training sessions that we create, one of the clients said something to me that inspired the creation of this blog post.

"The perks of working in a 'gym' must be great as you get to help a lot of people find their true potential in bettering themselves." 

When she stated the above quote, I had to pause for a second, let it sink and get my train of thought together as so many feelings and emotions started to synthesize as I progressed into our conversation.

Let me first start off by saying that the perks of working in a "gym setting" are amazing! I get to see & meet many familiar and new faces, listen to music, be around like-minded individuals who are on a quest to constantly improve and upgrade their quality of life, get to workout and keep myself strong, lean and healthy, and much more.

If we dig a little deeper, which I plan on doing in this post, the perks of what I do and what I'm exposed to as a coach and trainer are far greater than what I mentioned above! Let me just say that there are other things that are not as obvious which I want to elaborate on.

First off, I have to say that I am truly blessed, humbled and grateful to be given the opportunity to wake up every single day and truly love what I do as a career as a fitness pro. How many people can truly say that they absolutely love what they do with 100% conviction? Of course, every occupation may have their ups & downs as is real life/real world! However, I can testify that in the world of health & wellness, there are far many GREAT days than there are bad ones!

And you want to know the secret to why that is? It's simply due to a shift in 'mindset'.

Have you ever woken up and told yourself that "today is going to be a long stressful day"? I'm sure most of you have. But here's the issue - just by thinking & saying it, you're already shaping your day to be as is. Despite all of the stress, workload, challenges that lay ahead, why not 'flip the switch', so to say, and embrace it all as a way to let yourself grow and get better by simply telling yourself that "today is going to be a positive and productive day".

One of the perks of what I do as a coach is to assist clients see the other side of any negative situation or any situation in which they feel brings self-limiting thoughts and behaviors and making it into a positive one. Mentally shifting any challenge, obstacle or roadblock as an avenue to see the true potential of achieving great things will bring a sense of limitless potential & opportunities.

I personally believe it's essential to surround yourself with like-minded people who have the spirit of that of a lion - the lion spirit animal represents courage and strength in overcoming difficulties. Developing an elitist mentality by thinking you're better than everyone else is something which I consider dangerous, egotistical, and self-limiting.

Whether you were born into royalty with some form of God given talent or someone who had to fight his/her way out of the slums, we all have the gift in being given the breath of life to wake up everyday and face the world. We're all equal out there in the real world as were constantly being tested, regardless of how much money we have in the bank, what kind of car we drive, what position(s) we hold in our careers. This is why we need to be around people with minds like lions with whom we can enjoy and celebrate victories with and watch our backs if we fall to our knees.

Aside from I what I mentioned above, the perk of finding your purpose is essential to your success and happiness. In the fitness world, this is key to emphasizing and defining your "Why". Most of the people I meet are in need of help and/or assistance in some way, shape or form whether it's to look good, feel better, enhance their physical performance abilities, fit into that two piece bikini or jeans, etc.

However, I have to ask - WHY are you doing this? 

Is it for money? 


To enhance your self confidence? 

To make you happier by upgrading your quality of life?

When you truly know and understand your 'Why', your story will be about a deeper purpose that will enhance someone to work hard when everyone else is turned off. It's the untold story of triumph that keeps someone awake when everyone else is sleeping. It's the story that will keep you standing upright and moving onward & upward while others sit on the couch watching reality TV. It's the story that will let others know that every ACTION you take is for the greater good, a deeper facet in your life that brings you closer to that one thing that you may or may not readily understand but you know it's right there in front of you within your grasp that you can literally taste it with every ounce of your being!

So, what is this deep profound purpose that keeps you in a progressive state? Once you realize it, treasure it and get after it! Let it serve you as a reminder for the reason you breathe.

I have to mention the fact that things are always moving faster than one can shake a stick to in my world. Whether it's nutrition, performance-based principles and/or methodologies, the perk of being on a quest for constant never ending improvement, or 'Kaizen' - Japanese as "good change", is fundamental in staying ahead of the game. Fortunately, I'm surrounded by friends and colleagues that are always hungry & thirsty for knowledge. Again as I stated above, surrounding yourself with like-minded people is essential to achieving greatness!

I'd have to say that another great perk for what I do is thinking of others. It means losing the attitude of 'ME' and adopting the 'WE' philosophy where you lose the sense of being selfish for the greater good of the group. In this case, it means being part of a 'TEAM'! By being a part of something that's bigger & greater than just yourself, you're willing to sacrifice any personal interests and/or glory for the welfare of all.

If I had to describe and discuss a few more perks that I could think of in a nutshell in regards to working in a "gym setting", it would be this:

  • Working in an environment where people find their hidden talents and abilities every single day - I call it the "1% Improvement Plan"
  • The opportunity to have various discussions about life, training, business, mindset, relationships, almost about anything for that matter with the people I meet thus creating a bond of friendship that includes honestly, trust, and respect
  • Inspiring others to put fear and self-limitations on the back burner by working together and creating real world strategies for success - in other words, getting out of that plateau while putting in work
  • The ability to live the Core Values of what we believe which intertwine with personal religion and beliefs 
  • Having the capability of empowering others to upgrade the quality of their life through constant education and support while also establishing accountability for their actions, choices and decisions
  • Turning someones day around by simply smiling and giving them a high five
  • Traveling in & out of state to continue my education as a fitness pro to better myself as well as those around me
  • Having a great network of fitness pros whom I consider more than just friends and colleagues, but more so my 'Fit Fam'
  • Knowing that I have the best job in the world - for me, I don't consider what I do 'work'
  • Being thankful, blessed and humbled that I am able to share my personal stories and experiences with clients and take them on a journey to that in which I have gone myself 
  • Knowing that our typical "gym setting" is more than just that - it's a 3rd place - a place of belonging where people get to hang out with some of the coolest people on this earth
Trust me when I say that I could keep going on and on, and if I did, this blog would be at least 10x as long so we won't even go there. 

Aside from the bullet points I mentioned above, I get to lead from the front while inspiring others to take control of their health & wellness which ultimately resonates with everything about them - their work, finances, relationships, spirituality, etc. 

The best part of it all is this - I like blogging and sharing my knowledge and experiences with the everyone. My favorite perk is breaking out my laptop and letting the world know my thoughts, beliefs, values, what I do, what I stand for in hopes to enhance the 'Life, Health & Wellness' of many! 

My hope is that this particular post inspires you to look at all the perks in your life - no matter if it relates to your work, relationships, spirituality, etc. - in that resonates with all that makes you the person that you are today! 


Friday, September 5, 2014

A Promise to Yourself

Your personal values, otherwise known as your 'Core Values', define who you are by allowing you to make choices & decisions that you deem are of significance, meaningful, worthy and desirable of your time and how it's spent. They dictate your actions, reactions, and how you respond and handle any situation that life throws at you.

If you think about it, everything that we do, and I do mean EVERYTHING, is for the sole purpose of enhancing the level of happiness that enriches our lives. The goal in life can be viewed the same way as in any sport - in that we make the effort to do the best that we are capable of doing. By doing so, we allow our best efforts and intentions to resonate with all things that make us who we are - our spiritual life and connection, our relationships, in marriage, at our careers/jobs, our community, for the love of our country.

I've had in my possession a great book that was given to me as a gift from a good friend. I can honestly say that this book has been one of the best gifts I've received since I read it quite frequently and it's given me many thought-provoking episodes in allowing me to reflect back at everything I've done and how to take positive ACTION for new adventures that have yet to take place.

The book I'm referring to is the one written by the late & great legendary basketball coach, John Wooden - "Wooden - A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections On and Off the Court"

I can't tell you how many times I've read it, but I can say that from the hundreds of times that I've flipped through the pages, it has served as an invaluable & tremendous resource that creates substance, meaning and direction into both my personal and professional life.

One of my personal core values is to always seek the good in every situation - no matter how hard, difficult or challenging it may be. The question is, how can one possibly find the inner strength & intestinal fortitude to push forth when life knocks you down?

To help give you some guidance and some essential tools that anyone can use to improve any situation and to enhance and upgrade the quality of life , I want to share with you nine (9) promises that can elevate and bring you happiness while also assisting in taking all things in your life to the next level.

These promises are excerpts directly from Coach Wooden's book that I know for a fact you'll appreciate just as much as I did.

  • Promise to yourself that you will talk health, happiness, and prosperity as often as possible
  • Promise yourself to make all your friends know there is something in them that is special and that you value
  • Promise to think only of the best, to work only for the best, and to expect only the best in yourself and others
  • Promise to be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own
  • Promise to yourself to be so strong that nothing can disturb your piece of mind
  • Promise to forget the mistakes of the past and press on to greater achievements in the future
  • Promise to wear a cheerful appearance at all times and give every person you meet a smile
  • Promise to give so much time to improving yourself that you have no time to criticize others
  • Promise to be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit trouble to press on to you

The way I describe "success" is by creating & making promises to yourself with the sole intention in completing and fulfilling each one while standing firm with your core values and beliefs.

Do yourself a favor, and do as I have done, and make a copy of the nine (9) promises listed above and carry them with you wherever you go.

Read them, look at them, apply them, and most importantly.....



Friday, August 1, 2014

Fruit Salad Anyone?

Mmmmm! I want some fruit salad.....but I don't have a knife to cut up the fruit!

What now?!


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Do What You Know - Take Massive ACTION

A few weeks back I was in the middle of the new member orientation with a group of young ladies. We were conversing about their personal "Why" - the reason for their being at orientation and how we could assist in making their health, fitness & nutrition needs and goals become a reality.

As the conversation ensued, I asked one question in reference to identifying their 'Point B' on their map to success - "Where do you want to be?"

The answers weren't a surprise as they stated things such as dropping X amount or pounds, having & finding the motivation and the time to get their exercise/workouts in, making better choices and decisions that aligns with their end result (goals), etc.

One of the young ladies really intrigued me as she mentioned that weight loss was her goal. She said that if she was able to make that happen, not only would that make her really happy but it would also give the the ability to gain a sense of accomplishment and confidence in knowing that she could achieve other things in her life that she'd been putting off for a long time. That statement alone wasn't the part of intrigue but rather when she stated, "I've tried EVERYTHING to lose weight!"

I had to pause for a second and ask her, "Have you REALLY tried EVERYTHING to lose weight? Have you exhausted all options from A thru Z to lose weight?"

Honestly, I doubt she had!

You see, despite her statement, I could easily identity the gaps that she needed some help with that would make weight loss happen. But this gap was only one part of the puzzle.

Nutrition was one part of the puzzle.

Resistance training, which she had not done in a long time, was another part of the puzzle.

There are other parts that are also critical in making her goal a reality:

  • Eating more veggies 
  • Better quality sleep
  • Stress reduction
  • Drinking more water or herbal tea (0 calorie beverages)
  • Reducing processed foods & sugar
  • Saving the starch & fruit until before and/or after her workouts
  • Spending less time watching reality TV 
  • Reducing/eliminating negativity or toxicity from her life
  • Etc.

The point is this - most folks think there's one (1) thing they need to start doing to improve their physique, their finances, their relationships, their business, their spiritual life, etc. The reality is there's more pieces to the puzzle that need to fit and be put together to see the big picture. 

Then again, to be successful, we need to start small by doing things one step at time and build those habits - one on top of the other which will ultimately get us closer to our goals!

Doing what you know is part of that puzzle! The only way to do that is to take MASSIVE ACTION instead of just talking about it!

Talk is cheap - ACTION is invaluable!

Be sure to check out this video of my very good friend, colleague and Vigor Ground Fitness & Performance teammate, Luka Hocevar, as he elaborates a bit more on what I mentioned above. (FYI - Whatever his shirt says, it's true! We really do care! (wink))

We all know what we have to do to see RESULTS!

It's just a matter of DOING what you know!


Friday, July 11, 2014

Workout of the Day - The Triple Threat Sweat & Smile Smackdown

The other day I was going though some old pics on my Facebook page when I came across a pic of me with a couple of close buddies of mine. As I came across this pic, I couldn't help but laugh, as it brought a smile to my face and made me think of one of those awesome album cover poses.

In the caption of this particular pic, I mentioned, "This pose looks like it should be on a cover of a music album! I think I shall name "our band"......"Triple Threat"!

"Triple Threat" - Yeah, really threatening, aren't we?! HA! 

With the "Triple Threat" name stuck in my head, I went to the gym the next day and cranked out a workout that consisted of 3 training tools that I find to be very effective and very useful in the quest to attain optimal training RESULTS - Kettlebells, Valslides and Ultimate Sandbags.

Why have 'the best of both worlds' when you have the best all three? The 'Triple Threat' arsenal!

With that being said, here's what I'm calling "The Triple Threat Sweat & Smile Smackdown".

Check it out:

Instructions: Perform each exercise for the reps given with proper form, technique and execution for 3-5 rounds. Rest for about 1 min. between rounds and repeat until all rounds are completed.

1) Kettlebell Swings x 12 reps
2) Valslide Double Tucks/Kickouts Combo x 10 reps/each
3) Ultimate Sandbag (USB) Clean (to fists) & Press x 12 reps
4) Double Kettlebell Goblet Squats x 12 reps 
5) Band-Resisted 1 1/2 Pushups + Alternating Knee to Elbow x 12 reps
6) USB Front Loaded Valslide Reverse Lunges x 12/side - R/L

Give this is one a shot and let me know what you think!

Now, stop thinkin' about it!

Get it done!


Friday, May 16, 2014

How The World Sees You

We're our own worst critics! And I can honestly say that I see it everyday when I'm in the gym.

I'm always intrigued by the rationale as to why people go to train & workout. Most say it's to improve athletic performance, to minimize the potential for health risk factors like obesity, cancer, diabetes, etc. Others say it's because they feel awesome & amazing after a great physical challenge which puts them in a better mental state of being.

On the flip side, there are those who struggle to come to grips with the reality of their inner & outer beauty - 'vanity' as we call it. They look at themselves in the mirror and don't like what they see and they go on a rampage notating very wrinkle, mole, scar, freckle, and any other so-called "flaw" about their physical appearance.

We're harsh with ourselves which mentally puts us in an unhappy & dispirited state.

However, have you ever given thought as to how the world sees you?

How they perceive you as an individual vs. a "just another face"?

Do yourself a favor and watch the video below. My hope is that you can find an avenue to stop "fixing" the minuscule things about what you perceive as a "physical defect" and start enjoying and appreciating all that you are today!

No matter what you may think or how you see yourself, just know that.....

YOU are more BEAUTIFUL than you think!


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Priorities - Don't BS Yourself

One of the greatest things that I can say with absolute certainty is that I have an AWESOME & AMAZING network of friends and colleagues within the health, fitness & nutrition world! What I am most fond of is being around those who tell it like it is!

I'm talking about "Straight Talk".

In other words, I appreciate the bold, hard reality, 'it-stings-so-bad-but it's the truth' conversations that leaves no trace of any residual effects of smoke and mirrors stuff!

I've been in the fitness biz for over 23 years and I appreciate things to be black & white regardless of how good or bad it may feel. Grey areas are of no interest to me as I personally feel it sucks the life & energy out of me which I have no time for. It's the mindset of "either we do it or we don't"! Period!

With that being said, this post is a guest blog from one of my good friends & colleagues whom I respect & admire on so many levels. One is simply because he believes in the above tactics that I mentioned about straight talk.

In this particular post, my bro, Steve Krebs - owner of Next Level Athletic Performance, gives you the low down on making sure that your priorities are in the right place.

For some, this post will be a huge reality check and/or a rude awakening in terms of where you are in life based on what things are of the most importance and which ones are the least.

Check out Steve's post below as my hope is that you take the time to re-evaluate your priorities with the intention to improve your overall quality of 'Life, Health & Wellness'!

Life is all about priorities. 

When is the last time you skipped a hair appointment? A dinner date? Dessert? 

Your priorities are what dictate the direction of your life. 

Your priorities are your value system. They directly affect any and all the decisions you make or don't make. The actions you take or don't take. They mold the shape of your life. 

The real question you have to ask yourself is "Is my video inline with my audio?" Does what you say coincide with what you actually end up doing? 

Most people want to be in amazing shape, they want to be happy, they want to be healthy, they want to save more money. But wanting and doing are two very different ideas. 

Successful people build their lives around their most important priorities. They build their days around their training sessions, their family time, their personal mastery time, and their "ME" time. Unsuccessful people do not. You are the only one who can decide what your priorities are. 

If you skip workouts, but never miss a hair appointment then your hair is more important to you than your health. That is what your actions are proving. If you skip eating healthy but never miss an episode of "Keeping up with the Kardashians" then that garbage show is more important than your health. 

Harsh, but true. 

Awareness precedes change. So maybe you just needed someone (Me) to shine the light on what is really happening in your life. Here is a simple way to audit what your priorities are: 

1: Are you fit? 

2: Do you exercise a minimum of 5 hours per week? 

3: Do you smoke? 

4: Do you drink alcohol more than once a week? More than 2 drinks in a sitting? 

5: Do you set personal goals? 

6: How many books do you read a month? 

7: Are you surrounded by positive supportive people? 

8: Do you make excuses on a regular basis? 

9: When is the last time you followed a training and nutrition regimen specifically designed to get you results? 

10: Are you happy? 

Read through your answers a few times and see where your priorities lie. This is an eye opening experience. 

We humans are masters at bullshitting ourselves. We tell ourselves we are "doing our best" when we know damn well we are only partially committed to things. 

Just imagine if you shifted your perception a bit, believed in yourself 100%, focused, and saw every goal you ever had all the way to fruition. 

Where would you be in life? 

What would you look like? 

How would you feel? 

It's still attainable if you make the commitment to yourself to ALWAYS FINISH what you start and make each goal a priority in your life.



Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The World's Toughest Job

All I have to say is that the video below is a MUST SEE! Please watch it until the very end! It will be well worth it!


Oh, and by the way.......thank you Mom!


I love you!


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Power of Teamwork

Let's face it - fitness and nutrition is F'n hard!

In terms of fitness....

Do you have the proper game plan that aligns with your goals? How many days or week are you planning on hitting the gym? What kind of training are you focusing on for that particular day? Max Effort? Rep Effort? Dynamic Effort? General Physical Prep (GPP)? Metabolic/cardio strength? HIIT? Supersets? Upper or lower body focus?

How about nutrition?

Are you eating 'clean food' or still stuck in a rut eating crap that comes in a bag or box? Do you know your macros? Taking any supplements? Are supplements really needed? Are you counting calories or better yet, counting 'points'? Are to tracking your food intake? Can't stop eating sugar?

Blah, blah, blah......

I know. I get it!

This stuff can be really confusing not to mention very frustrating!

Maybe you just don't know where or how to get started on your journey to better health & wellness!

Like I said above, fitness and nutrition is F'n hard!

It's even harder when you're doing it all by yourself!

As a strength, fitness and lifestyle coach, I've been very fortunate to have had some pretty intense, thought-provoking, life-changing conversations with folks who are seeking help in order to take control of their lives and start their personal journey in embracing the health & fitness lifestyle.

What really excites me are the opportunities that each of these individuals will have in finding themselves along the way! As I mentioned to them, this is THEIR journey which no one can take away from them.

However, a word of caution that I did mention - this so-called "journey" won't be easy! They shouldn't expect it to be easy. It won't always be sunshine, rainbows and unicorns!

Not even close!

Expect it to be just as life hands it to you and just the same way it hands it to everyone else who walks, lives & breathes on this earth - it's going to be a challenge! And things will get harder along the way.

The closer you get to your goals, the harder you're going to have to work to get there; the harder you're going to have to abstain from reverting back to old bad habits; the harder you're doing to have to work to maintain what you have; the harder you're going to have to focus to stay the course; the harder you're going to have to believe in yourself when you feel like quitting; the harder you're going to have to trust in yourself to make the right, appropriate decisions and choices that will improve your overall quality of life!

As I always say, it never gets easier......YOU JUST GET BETTER!

The concept of improving on a daily basis is what we're all striving for no matter the circumstances in our lives. Whether it's professional and/or personal growth, relationships, finances, nutrition, training, spiritual growth, we want to make all aspects better which in turn results in an outcome that makes us happy/happier.

The power of teamwork, working within a group of like-minded individuals can be influential in such matters. I say that because I've personally experienced what it's like to take things on by myself only to have stagnant results - no matter what part of my life I was aiming to improve.

Here's an example that maybe a few of you can relate to.

The last few weeks I've been getting individuals tell me their frustrations about how they're not getting rapid results from their training despite putting their time in - going to the gym 4-5 days per week while spending an average of 45-60 minutes per session.

In terms of nutrition, the common response I tend to get is that they eat "pretty good".  OK, so the deal here was that they we're training on their own, by themselves while making 'mediocre' food choices.

**Side note - when someone tells me that they eat "pretty good", it usually means they have shitty eating habits. I find that they struggle to eat better either because they don't know or never been taught the concepts of eating clean whole foods or they just don't care and they would rather eat what they want while rationalizing in their mind that "if I train hard enough, it will balance things out".

Reality check - no matter how hard, how often, or how long you train for, you will NEVER be able to out train a bad diet! Period!

In terms of training, most don't have a specific game plan. They wing their workouts according to how they feel that day! A few may follow that cookie cutter workout that they attained from the latest shoulder edition of their health & fitness magazine. What's also very ironic is when someone walks into a big box gym loaded with tons of cardio & strength training machines.....and they don't know where to start!

What fascinates me is the metamorphosis that someone goes though once the dynamics I mentioned above have changed in their favor and when they start working in a team environment.

What if you were coached on how to make better food choices that not only align with your goals but will make you look, feel and perform better and give you more energy?

What if you were coached in such a way where the guess work for your fitness training & programming was already done for you? No more "What am I going to do today?" sessions?

What if your training was prescribed through a progressive model approach that featured safe & effective programming that offers RAPID RESULTS when combined with a clean eating nutrition program?

What if you were coached in being challenged physically, mentally and emotionally with the end result being a more confident, positive-minded, goal setting individual?

What if you were to be surrounded by a group of coaches and members/clients who provide constant never ending support, inspiration, motivation, and care & love one another because they all believe that they can achieve GREATNESS by working collectively as a TEAM? This results in creating the FAMILY atmosphere.

Team Training - The Force is strong when you belong to a team!

What if you could come to a training facility as the person you already are and be appreciated for all the qualities that you currently possess without being judged, ridiculed, outcast and/or made fun of? And in the process, know that no matter where you are at this point in time that the goal would coincide in creating a better version of the person you are today?

My question for you is does the gym/fitness center that you currently belong to offer any of the services and experiences that I mentioned above? And if they don't, I'm intrigued why you'd continue to go there spending your $30/month or so to lease their fitness equipment while showing very little in terms of personal results for the time you're putting in and/or not be appreciated for being a valued member/client?

As my good friend and colleague, Rob King - owner of Heavyweights Training Center in Newfoundland, once said, "Are you shopping for price? Or are you shopping for RESULTS?"

The people who walk into our gym, Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance, are shocked somewhat when they learn about our training packages and the investment that's needed when it comes to RESULTS! And we're proud to offer such services at the investment price because we do GUARANTEE RESULTS! Any potential prospect must understand that when something of value is presented before them, it won't come easy and it more than likely won't come cheap!

Value is more expensive than price!

The reason why our clients see AMAZING RAPID RESULTS is because of the team & family atmosphere that we have created from the beginning. We find that when people belong to something bigger than themselves alone, the rate of SUCCESS shoots through the roof!

This team environment works simply because of the following:

Accountability - Knowing that others are counting on you is a valuable tool. Our members and clients have an extreme sense of knowing the value that they bring to the team that empowers others to bring their A game all day, everyday.

Support - Our motto is that we encourage everyone to do their personal best regardless of fitness level and/or physical ability. We believe that there's an athlete in everyone we meet and we aim to bring that athlete out simply because training as such is FUN! It gets people engaged and creates a sense of healthy competition within. In doing so, you can expect to never be left behind.

Motivation - If you've never trained with us a Vigor Ground, the amount of motivation we deliver is insurmountable. Being that we're a Training For Warriors Affiliate Site, motivation is an automatic aspect of the training paradigm that we present and offer. In other words, there's never a dull moment at our facility! And if there is, it's probably because we're closed and not running training sessions! 

Training For Warriors - #Familia

Inspiration - We believe that inspiration comes from the mind and ties in with the heart. It's when you connect those 18 inches (the distance between your mind and your heart) that you truly become capable of achieving your personal GREATNESS! However, this process all starts with the mental approach of wanting to create a change by changing the environment that aligns with your point B of your health & wellness journey. Once you've created the vision, the next step is to take massive ACTION and make it a reality!

Integrity - Doing what is right each every time....even when no one is looking! This is one of the core values that we always preach simply because it's the right thing to do. We let it serve as a daily reminder to not only care for those in the gym, but to those whom we connect with on a daily basis out in the real world!

Commitment - We never let our clients/members take the 'easy route' because easy is dangerous territory to be treading upon. It's what I consider the stagnant zone of progression! Once a commitment is set in stone and we know what they have to do to get to their goal(s), we'll remind them of it everyday to make sure that they're staying on the path - that they understand their obligation that restricts freedom of action that reverts back to old (bad) habits. 

Action - As I mentioned earlier, the journey to better health & wellness won't be easy. However, having the courage to move forward despite more than likely facing fear, adversity, challenges, roadblocks and obstacles along the way will always yield great rewards

Keeping Things Simple - Don't confuse 'simple' with 'easy'. Instead, think of it in terms of what is the most effective method & strategy that produces a greater & higher success rate of compliance. As I mentioned during the opening of this blog post, training & nutrition can be overwhelming and confusing. Rather than giving our members and clients a laundry list of things to start working on, we take the simple approach by introducing one (1) healthy habit at a time until it sticks. Once that succeeds, we move on to the next one on the list and repeat.

With training, we have use the following template in program design:
  • Push/Pull
  • Knee dominant
  • Hip dominant
  • Explosive
  • Core
  • Loaded carries 

Fun - Working in a team and/or group environment is always fun! It minimizes boredom, keeps morale high and encourages anyone to bring their personal best. There's something about working in such an environment that always pushes people to work harder!

If you find that you're stuck in rut, not seeing the results you're striving for, feeling a little discouraged, not too sure if you're on the right path with your training & nutrition program, all you have to do is take the time to seek the help of someone or a group of people who have strengths in whatever area in your life you're looking to improve. 

If it's nutrition, seek the help of a nutrition expert or sports nutritionist.

If it's training, seek out the best fitness coach and/or trainer in your area. 

If it's personal growth, seek out a mentor who is doing or is in a position of where you want to be.

If it's spiritual growth, find yourself a church home that offers the services and support that you seek.

The point is, you're never alone and shouldn't have to be. I know it may take some time, but seek out the desired help & assistance you need so that you too may be able to someday pay it forward to someone else who is seeking the same thing.


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Today Is Not THAT DAY!

I know we're all busy - we have lots of things going on in our lives! Things like work, kids, relationships, financial obligations, errands to run, etc.

I also know that we're in country that is plagued by an epidemic that's slowly converting most of us from being "fit" to being "fat"!

An epidemic that is in our control through our actions and the decisions & choices we make on a daily basis. Yet most of us succumb to the pressures of "The Resistance", which negates our true potential to live a life of optimal health & wellness.

We're told to drink this sugary beverage because it tastes so good.

How about you eat that boxed cereal (which is loaded preservatives) because it will give you the so-called 'nutrients' your body needs to kick start your day!

There's also the mindset and the atmosphere that we create by telling ourselves "I can't...", "I'll try...", "I don't feel like it...", "I'm too tired...", "I'm too busy..."!

I don't know about you, but every time, and I do mean EVERY TIME I hear my good friend and colleague Martin Rooney, Founder of Training For Warriors, speak and/or give a presentation, I get so fired up, motivated, and inspired! Even when I see his videos, the same things happens!


So, with that being said, here's a video of Martin as he gives you the lowdown on how to overcome the pressures of "The Resistance"! Sure, you might have days when you feel as if you can't, you'll try, you don't feel like it, you're too tired, you're too busy, but.....

Today Is Not THAT DAY!


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Happy Birthday

Wishing this AWESOME lady a very Happy Birthday - Lucy Robles, my mom!

Happy Birthday, Mom! I love and miss you & look forward to seeing you soon!


Reggie Watts - Beats That Defy Boxes

Reggie Wattsinternationally renowned musician, vocal artist, beatboxer and comedian just has a way to "WOW" people with his improvised performances which are usually created right on-the-spot!

Check out this TED Talk video of him as he blends and blurs the lines while also giving you a taste of his mad skills! Listen to his dialogue - HILARIOUS! 



Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Power of Change and 4 Things You Can Start Doing Today

A couple of days ago, I posted the following quote onto my Facebook page.

"RESULTS = creating the change to see a change for the better while improving the quality of life! With this comes your personal belief system in which you accept the core values of your existence and never budge from what you know is right and/or what you stand for!"

There are so many of you out there who are having a rough time aligning everything that you believe in, what you know is the right thing to do but you can't seem to match it up or sync it with the vision/perspective of person you want to be - the better version of YOU! I know for a fact that no one on this earth has their shit together! Far from it! And by that, I mean having everything being perfect in our so-called "perfect world". I also know that we as humans are made to make mistakes. That may seem like a broken record statement which we've all heard, but it's very true.

Just think about this for second. Imagine the entire human race on earth all being perfect, where no one makes mistakes, where we're all on point when it comes to making the same choices & decisions every single time and we never screw up! Sounds great, right?! No way!!

The beauty about individualization and having the capability of making our own choices & decisions regardless if they're good or bad ones, mapping out our personal journey in life where we can navigate our course freely, and making mistakes along the way is what makes us who we are. It's gives us the ability in creating our persona and learning about ourselves every step of the way. From the quote I mentioned above, I firmly believe that as we grow we start creating our sense of self which leads to the values that embodies our optimal health & wellness.

My personal view is that everything that we do is for the sole purpose of our overall well being and for finding the 'happiness factor' in our lives. I have a philosophy where I believe that you must keep your body (your physical self) in the best shape you possibly can at all times so that it will be clean and ready if called into service for a greater cause - whatever that may be! I know that may seem or sound silly, but I truly believe that! It's not about vanity or flexing your muscles in the mirror but more so about being prepared for whatever life throws at you. And what better way to be on "stand by" than by caring for yourself by simply eating good quality food, getting your training in, optimizing your recovery & sleep, getting your mind right, being around people whom influence the greater good within you and always finding a means to make things around you and within you better!

With the New Year well under way, my hope is that the majority of you have taken the initiative in creating an ACTION plan in improving any facet of your life 1% each and every day. And if you're struggling, it's not too late. Let me rephrase that - it's NEVER too late! But if your struggling to align things and having trouble getting back onto the straight and narrow path that leads directly to getting yourself in the best shape possible, I want to discuss 4 things that you can start doing right now/today that will get you back on track.

Before we get into that, I want you to understand that in order to see a transformation, mentally & physically, you have to be willing to create change. It's imperative that you comprehend that doing what you've always done which may have resulted in little to no progress has to be 'tweaked', to put in a nice way.

If you want quality return on investment for real & lasting change, then we need to make sure that we spend our time & energy wisely. Both of which are commodities that we'll never get back if wasted! We need to regularly manipulate the variables in our minds, lifestyle, training, & nutrition to keep us engaged but mainly to keep us moving onward and upward.

So here are '4 Things You Can Start Doing TODAY' to create positive change that will yield GREAT & AWESOME RESULTS! Think of these as small yet simple habits that you can do daily.


We all know that sleep & recovery helps to heal our bodies from the day to day stress that we're exposed to while also helping us to be focused and staying productive. Studies have shown that sleep can also have a profound affect on our sensitivity to negative emotions. The quality and quantity of our sleeping habits are critical in shaping our day and how it will impact our productivity and our levels of happiness.

In terms of quantity, other studies have broken the myth of 'getting 8 hours of sleep each night'. According to a sleep researcher named Daniel Kripke, he claims that "studies show that people who get 6.5 to 7.5 hours a night, as they report, live the longest."


We as humans are built to move - not too sit on the couch all day watching reality TV! Plus, exercise makes us look, feel and move better. One common 'excuse' I often hear is "I have no time to exercise". Well, guess what? I'm about to tell you otherwise.

Below is a quick and effective metabolic workout that you can do anywhere at anytime. The best part is that it only takes 4 minutes! Yes, you heard right - 4 minutes! So, if you can't find 4 minutes out of the 24 hours in your day, that's not impossible - that's simply CRAZY!

Here's your '4-minute Bodyweight Smackdown'!

It's guaranteed to crank up your heart rate, make you feel awesome, and make you sweat and smile in the process!

Instructions: Perform each exercise for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of recovery. Complete all exercise listed below twice or 2 rounds each. Make sure to get a proper warm-up that focuses on range of motion, activation and movement preparation in order to enhance mobility, stability and minimize the risk of injury.

Burpees x 20 sec.
Rest x 10 sec.
Pushups x 20 sec. (Progression >> Spiderman Pushups)
Rest x 10 sec.
Prisoner Squat Jumps x 20 sec.
Rest x 10 sec. 
V-Sits x 20 sec. (Sprinter Sit-Ups for round #2)
Rest x 10 sec.

Repeat again for 2 total rounds


Hanging and spending time with those whom are important to you and love is great on so many aspects. By nature, we are social creatures and we strive to gain acceptance from others while finding our place in belonging to a group or groups within our circle of influence.

The people that we associate with is a byproduct of who are. I know you've heard this before but it does hold merit in terms of the superior quality and/or worth of our lives. If you want to be smart, hang with smart people. If you want to a millionaire, start hanging out with millionaires. If you want to be a superhero, come train with me and my teammates at Vigor Ground Fitness & Performance! Seriously!

At the end of the day, the only thing that really matters in life are our relationships to other people and our ability to help and advise others as needed.


I don't know about you but smiling itself just makes us feel better! What's cool about smiling is that it's more effective when we back it up with positive thoughts and vibes. Smiling is one way to reduce the distress caused by a circumstances that can be upsetting and negative. Even forcing a smile when we don't feel like it is enough to lift our mood slightly. So why go about your day being sour & negative when you can smile and reap the benefits of feeling great!

So there you have it - 4 things that you can start implementing into your life immediately.

Always remember to maximize your potential to achieve your personal GREATNESS through your ACTIONS! No matter how big or small your goals are, it all starts with making the conscious choice to implement a change in our lives to get where we want to be.

To improve is to change. To be 'perfect' is to change often! 


Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year, Goal Setting, Dreaming of Sushi & Taking Action

Well, well,'s been a while, hasn't it?! It's been 7 months, 6 days, 5 hours and 10 minutes to be exact, but who's counting?

Just like the banner above says......I'm back!

So prepare yourselves for a year full of new posts which will include exercise protocols & methodologies, activities & exercises that will make you look, feel & move better, guest posts/interviews, recipes, videos, workouts of the day, random thoughts, and plenty more AWESOME & AMAZING stuff that makes this a cool blog that will enhance the AWESOMENESS of your "LIFE, HEALTH & WELLNESS"!

Anyway, let me first start off by wishing you all a Happy New Year! 

Happy 2014!

Another year to make those resolutions!

A resolutions list that will adhere to the best of your intentions in making sure that you conquer and complete EVERYTHING that you've written down!

Putting that check mark next to that action item and moving on to the next thing in pursuit of your personal GREATNESS!

Or are you that short-lived-success-minded individual who succumbs to the pressure and overwhelming amount of stress knowing that you've bitten off more than you can chew and throw in the towel only to see those resolutions whither away like dust? To offset the momentum you gained and delay the process of putting one foot forward?

In some ways, I agree that resolutions don't work for some. I mean, who actually completes those so-called "goals" that they only set once a year and never really hold themselves accountable until the next year? Setting goals in one thing, but when you start making & treating those goals like a "wish-list", things will spiral downward faster than a twinkie at a Weight Watchers meeting! Believe that!

I've witnessed many people start the New Year in headstrong fashion where they're unyielding to old behaviors or have the demeanor to stave off the toxicity that impacts their lives in a negative way. When things begin to dwindle or when certain goals aren't reached or accomplished in a timely manner, the predisposition to keep moving forward comes to a standstill.

This is the point in time when complacency becomes "detrimental". Where stagnation becomes the nemesis of progression.

The way I see it - you can't move on to bigger, better & greater things when you're standing still!

So what's the ingredient in moving forward and attaining those goals on that resolution list? It's called TAKING ACTION! Taking the initiative to roll with the punches no matter how hard you get hit. You gotta keep getting up, keep brushing off those shoulders, keep your chin up and regain your focus. I know this is easier said than done but that's the cool & amazing part about this process - you discover so much about yourself and you start busting out your creativity to keep moving onward and upward! As long as you're willing to strive forward no matter the challenges, roadblocks and obstacles you'll encounter along the way, you'll get that much closer to those goals you set for yourself.

However, make sure your goals aren't just ordinary, superficial ones. You know - the ones that have no substance nor true meaning in reflecting all that encompasses who you are.

Make your goals "SMART Goals". By that I mean:
  • S - Specific >> Identifying the who, what, where, when, which and why 
  • M - Measurable >> establishing concrete criteria for measuring your progress toward attaining each goal you set
  • A - Attainable >> Once you identify goals that are important to you, you begin to map out a way to attain them, which leads to the next phase below - "Realistic"
  • R - Realistic >> A goal must represent an objective which are are both willing and able to work
  • T - Time-Based >> A goal should be grounded within a time frame. Without one, there's no sense of urgency

But you gotta work hard and you gotta put your time in!

You gotta stay consistent!

You gotta hustle!

You need to let you ACTIONS speak louder than words!

Don't just talk about it......BE ABOUT IT!

A couple of weeks ago just before the holidays, I was at home checking out my Amazon Prime video selections and came across a short documentary titled "Jiro Dreams of Sushi". At first, I thought it would be an informative short film depicting the art of making sushi. Being the sushi lover that I am, I started reading more about the movie and realized that it was more than I had originally thought!

Without getting into too much detail, this was a short film that featured an 85-year-old sushi master from Tokyo named Jiro Ono. He owns a restaurant called "Sukiyabashi Jiro" which is located in an underground subway station.

This sushi master is highly regarded as the best sushi "artist" in the world that he's been awarded the Michelin Star Award three, count that, three (3) times - which is the highest accolade that a restaurateur can attain!

The best part......his restaurant only seats 10 people!

Oh yeah, he also makes sushi one piece at a time! No appetizers, no soups, no desserts, just sushi!

I know what you're probably sayin' - "C'mon man! It's just a movie about sushi!"

I tell you what! If that's all you think it is, then you're "missing the boat", so to say! Trust me! Do me, and yourself a favor for that matter, and watch this short flick! I promise it'll be the best hour and 21 minutes of your life and you'll be thankful that you did.

As for me, I was actually taking notes as I was watching! No BS! I was doing that old school pen to paper thing and jotting down lots of takeaways that I knew I (as well as you) can apply to your life - my profession, relationships, finances, business, spiritual enrichment, the list goes on! I would sit there, jot some things down, pause, rewind, etc. I did this until I acquired a decent amount of "ah-has" that I want to share with you.

But before I do, I want you think about the goals/resolutions I mentioned above and really delve into what's of significance to you and why.

What's the desired outcome that your reaching for and looking to obtain?

How will it make you feel?

Will it impact others? If so, how?

Simply put - Will it make you happy?

Here are quotes and my so-called 'takeaways' that I acquired from this movie. As you read through them, I want you to reflect upon each one and see what makes sense and resonates within you.

"Once you decide on your occupation/profession, you must immerse yourself in your work".

As a strength coach & personal trainer, I see this an on opportunity to entrench myself in mastering my craft and harboring my skills to not only make me better, but to also make those around me better! It's the fortuity in creating a love affair with the work that I do!

"Take pride in your work to deliver quality."

The word "Shokunin" is defined by Japanese culture as 'craftsman' or 'artisan'. It not only means having technical skills, but also implies an attitude of social consciousness - having a social obligation to work his/her best for the general welfare of the people. This obligation is both spiritual & material in that no matter what it is, the shokunin's responsibility is to fulfill the requirement.

Blue-collar workers such as construction, custodians, electricians, mechanics, etc., are highly respected in Japanese culture because of their shokunin. The Japanese have a belief that there's no shame in any line of profession, as long as you take pride and care in your work!

"Look ahead & always strive to get better!"

For me personally, this falls in line with one of my personal core values - "Kaizen". Cooincidentaly, this is a Japanese word that simple means 'constant never ending improvement'. In regard to the goals I mentioned above, just because you've met one goal doesn't mean that your work is done! Far from it! There's ALWAYS room to improve & take things to the next level.
It's about never being satisfied with being satisfied. In the case of Jiro Ono, here's the worlds best sushi chef and he still gets up early every morning to go to work and master his craft! At 85-years-old, even then he still continues to achieve his personal greatness! Climbing to reach the top! But as he quoted in the movie, "No one knows where the top is."

Here's a gentlemen who loves his work so much that he would see ideas and grand visions of sushi in his dreams. He would then take MASSIVE ACTION in making those dreams become a reality. And in doing so, not only has he made a name for himself, but he's creating a legacy of GREATNESS that impacts the lives of many.

Mainly, he does it because he finds balance in delivering a product and/or service of the highest quality with a dedication to giving back to his community and helping enhance the lives of many in some way.

As I said, I learned a ton from this man and this film. It's made me get up off my ass and write this blog post after making excuses why I couldn't find the time to do so.

It's made me appreciate my profession as a coach & trainer even more (not that I never did) and know that I can make a difference in changing many lives for the sole purpose of daily improvement. I'm in the business in creating meaningful relationships with people while establishing a deep, trust worthy connection.

The ability to empower others in developing the self-discipline to improve the quality of life is what it all comes down to. 

So, as we move into the New Year, I hope you take a long hard look at those resolutions and "tweak" them as needed. Make them stand for something more than just words on paper.

I wish you success in all that you do and empower you to be your best all day, everyday. It's what I call 'The 1% Improvement Plan'!

The time has come to kick ass ......not kiss it!