Monday, September 22, 2014

The Perks Of....

Just the other day, I was just finishing up a training session with my early morning groups when a few of our clients/members stuck around afterwards to chat a bit. As we discussed the optimization of post-workout nutrition and the premise behind the training sessions that we create, one of the clients said something to me that inspired the creation of this blog post.

"The perks of working in a 'gym' must be great as you get to help a lot of people find their true potential in bettering themselves." 

When she stated the above quote, I had to pause for a second, let it sink and get my train of thought together as so many feelings and emotions started to synthesize as I progressed into our conversation.

Let me first start off by saying that the perks of working in a "gym setting" are amazing! I get to see & meet many familiar and new faces, listen to music, be around like-minded individuals who are on a quest to constantly improve and upgrade their quality of life, get to workout and keep myself strong, lean and healthy, and much more.

If we dig a little deeper, which I plan on doing in this post, the perks of what I do and what I'm exposed to as a coach and trainer are far greater than what I mentioned above! Let me just say that there are other things that are not as obvious which I want to elaborate on.

First off, I have to say that I am truly blessed, humbled and grateful to be given the opportunity to wake up every single day and truly love what I do as a career as a fitness pro. How many people can truly say that they absolutely love what they do with 100% conviction? Of course, every occupation may have their ups & downs as is real life/real world! However, I can testify that in the world of health & wellness, there are far many GREAT days than there are bad ones!

And you want to know the secret to why that is? It's simply due to a shift in 'mindset'.

Have you ever woken up and told yourself that "today is going to be a long stressful day"? I'm sure most of you have. But here's the issue - just by thinking & saying it, you're already shaping your day to be as is. Despite all of the stress, workload, challenges that lay ahead, why not 'flip the switch', so to say, and embrace it all as a way to let yourself grow and get better by simply telling yourself that "today is going to be a positive and productive day".

One of the perks of what I do as a coach is to assist clients see the other side of any negative situation or any situation in which they feel brings self-limiting thoughts and behaviors and making it into a positive one. Mentally shifting any challenge, obstacle or roadblock as an avenue to see the true potential of achieving great things will bring a sense of limitless potential & opportunities.

I personally believe it's essential to surround yourself with like-minded people who have the spirit of that of a lion - the lion spirit animal represents courage and strength in overcoming difficulties. Developing an elitist mentality by thinking you're better than everyone else is something which I consider dangerous, egotistical, and self-limiting.

Whether you were born into royalty with some form of God given talent or someone who had to fight his/her way out of the slums, we all have the gift in being given the breath of life to wake up everyday and face the world. We're all equal out there in the real world as were constantly being tested, regardless of how much money we have in the bank, what kind of car we drive, what position(s) we hold in our careers. This is why we need to be around people with minds like lions with whom we can enjoy and celebrate victories with and watch our backs if we fall to our knees.

Aside from I what I mentioned above, the perk of finding your purpose is essential to your success and happiness. In the fitness world, this is key to emphasizing and defining your "Why". Most of the people I meet are in need of help and/or assistance in some way, shape or form whether it's to look good, feel better, enhance their physical performance abilities, fit into that two piece bikini or jeans, etc.

However, I have to ask - WHY are you doing this? 

Is it for money? 


To enhance your self confidence? 

To make you happier by upgrading your quality of life?

When you truly know and understand your 'Why', your story will be about a deeper purpose that will enhance someone to work hard when everyone else is turned off. It's the untold story of triumph that keeps someone awake when everyone else is sleeping. It's the story that will keep you standing upright and moving onward & upward while others sit on the couch watching reality TV. It's the story that will let others know that every ACTION you take is for the greater good, a deeper facet in your life that brings you closer to that one thing that you may or may not readily understand but you know it's right there in front of you within your grasp that you can literally taste it with every ounce of your being!

So, what is this deep profound purpose that keeps you in a progressive state? Once you realize it, treasure it and get after it! Let it serve you as a reminder for the reason you breathe.

I have to mention the fact that things are always moving faster than one can shake a stick to in my world. Whether it's nutrition, performance-based principles and/or methodologies, the perk of being on a quest for constant never ending improvement, or 'Kaizen' - Japanese as "good change", is fundamental in staying ahead of the game. Fortunately, I'm surrounded by friends and colleagues that are always hungry & thirsty for knowledge. Again as I stated above, surrounding yourself with like-minded people is essential to achieving greatness!

I'd have to say that another great perk for what I do is thinking of others. It means losing the attitude of 'ME' and adopting the 'WE' philosophy where you lose the sense of being selfish for the greater good of the group. In this case, it means being part of a 'TEAM'! By being a part of something that's bigger & greater than just yourself, you're willing to sacrifice any personal interests and/or glory for the welfare of all.

If I had to describe and discuss a few more perks that I could think of in a nutshell in regards to working in a "gym setting", it would be this:

  • Working in an environment where people find their hidden talents and abilities every single day - I call it the "1% Improvement Plan"
  • The opportunity to have various discussions about life, training, business, mindset, relationships, almost about anything for that matter with the people I meet thus creating a bond of friendship that includes honestly, trust, and respect
  • Inspiring others to put fear and self-limitations on the back burner by working together and creating real world strategies for success - in other words, getting out of that plateau while putting in work
  • The ability to live the Core Values of what we believe which intertwine with personal religion and beliefs 
  • Having the capability of empowering others to upgrade the quality of their life through constant education and support while also establishing accountability for their actions, choices and decisions
  • Turning someones day around by simply smiling and giving them a high five
  • Traveling in & out of state to continue my education as a fitness pro to better myself as well as those around me
  • Having a great network of fitness pros whom I consider more than just friends and colleagues, but more so my 'Fit Fam'
  • Knowing that I have the best job in the world - for me, I don't consider what I do 'work'
  • Being thankful, blessed and humbled that I am able to share my personal stories and experiences with clients and take them on a journey to that in which I have gone myself 
  • Knowing that our typical "gym setting" is more than just that - it's a 3rd place - a place of belonging where people get to hang out with some of the coolest people on this earth
Trust me when I say that I could keep going on and on, and if I did, this blog would be at least 10x as long so we won't even go there. 

Aside from the bullet points I mentioned above, I get to lead from the front while inspiring others to take control of their health & wellness which ultimately resonates with everything about them - their work, finances, relationships, spirituality, etc. 

The best part of it all is this - I like blogging and sharing my knowledge and experiences with the everyone. My favorite perk is breaking out my laptop and letting the world know my thoughts, beliefs, values, what I do, what I stand for in hopes to enhance the 'Life, Health & Wellness' of many! 

My hope is that this particular post inspires you to look at all the perks in your life - no matter if it relates to your work, relationships, spirituality, etc. - in that resonates with all that makes you the person that you are today! 


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