Friday, July 11, 2014

Workout of the Day - The Triple Threat Sweat & Smile Smackdown

The other day I was going though some old pics on my Facebook page when I came across a pic of me with a couple of close buddies of mine. As I came across this pic, I couldn't help but laugh, as it brought a smile to my face and made me think of one of those awesome album cover poses.

In the caption of this particular pic, I mentioned, "This pose looks like it should be on a cover of a music album! I think I shall name "our band"......"Triple Threat"!

"Triple Threat" - Yeah, really threatening, aren't we?! HA! 

With the "Triple Threat" name stuck in my head, I went to the gym the next day and cranked out a workout that consisted of 3 training tools that I find to be very effective and very useful in the quest to attain optimal training RESULTS - Kettlebells, Valslides and Ultimate Sandbags.

Why have 'the best of both worlds' when you have the best all three? The 'Triple Threat' arsenal!

With that being said, here's what I'm calling "The Triple Threat Sweat & Smile Smackdown".

Check it out:

Instructions: Perform each exercise for the reps given with proper form, technique and execution for 3-5 rounds. Rest for about 1 min. between rounds and repeat until all rounds are completed.

1) Kettlebell Swings x 12 reps
2) Valslide Double Tucks/Kickouts Combo x 10 reps/each
3) Ultimate Sandbag (USB) Clean (to fists) & Press x 12 reps
4) Double Kettlebell Goblet Squats x 12 reps 
5) Band-Resisted 1 1/2 Pushups + Alternating Knee to Elbow x 12 reps
6) USB Front Loaded Valslide Reverse Lunges x 12/side - R/L

Give this is one a shot and let me know what you think!

Now, stop thinkin' about it!

Get it done!


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