Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Today Is Not THAT DAY!

I know we're all busy - we have lots of things going on in our lives! Things like work, kids, relationships, financial obligations, errands to run, etc.

I also know that we're in country that is plagued by an epidemic that's slowly converting most of us from being "fit" to being "fat"!

An epidemic that is in our control through our actions and the decisions & choices we make on a daily basis. Yet most of us succumb to the pressures of "The Resistance", which negates our true potential to live a life of optimal health & wellness.

We're told to drink this sugary beverage because it tastes so good.

How about you eat that boxed cereal (which is loaded preservatives) because it will give you the so-called 'nutrients' your body needs to kick start your day!

There's also the mindset and the atmosphere that we create by telling ourselves "I can't...", "I'll try...", "I don't feel like it...", "I'm too tired...", "I'm too busy..."!

I don't know about you, but every time, and I do mean EVERY TIME I hear my good friend and colleague Martin Rooney, Founder of Training For Warriors, speak and/or give a presentation, I get so fired up, motivated, and inspired! Even when I see his videos, the same things happens!


So, with that being said, here's a video of Martin as he gives you the lowdown on how to overcome the pressures of "The Resistance"! Sure, you might have days when you feel as if you can't, you'll try, you don't feel like it, you're too tired, you're too busy, but.....

Today Is Not THAT DAY!


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