Thursday, April 17, 2014

Priorities - Don't BS Yourself

One of the greatest things that I can say with absolute certainty is that I have an AWESOME & AMAZING network of friends and colleagues within the health, fitness & nutrition world! What I am most fond of is being around those who tell it like it is!

I'm talking about "Straight Talk".

In other words, I appreciate the bold, hard reality, 'it-stings-so-bad-but it's the truth' conversations that leaves no trace of any residual effects of smoke and mirrors stuff!

I've been in the fitness biz for over 23 years and I appreciate things to be black & white regardless of how good or bad it may feel. Grey areas are of no interest to me as I personally feel it sucks the life & energy out of me which I have no time for. It's the mindset of "either we do it or we don't"! Period!

With that being said, this post is a guest blog from one of my good friends & colleagues whom I respect & admire on so many levels. One is simply because he believes in the above tactics that I mentioned about straight talk.

In this particular post, my bro, Steve Krebs - owner of Next Level Athletic Performance, gives you the low down on making sure that your priorities are in the right place.

For some, this post will be a huge reality check and/or a rude awakening in terms of where you are in life based on what things are of the most importance and which ones are the least.

Check out Steve's post below as my hope is that you take the time to re-evaluate your priorities with the intention to improve your overall quality of 'Life, Health & Wellness'!

Life is all about priorities. 

When is the last time you skipped a hair appointment? A dinner date? Dessert? 

Your priorities are what dictate the direction of your life. 

Your priorities are your value system. They directly affect any and all the decisions you make or don't make. The actions you take or don't take. They mold the shape of your life. 

The real question you have to ask yourself is "Is my video inline with my audio?" Does what you say coincide with what you actually end up doing? 

Most people want to be in amazing shape, they want to be happy, they want to be healthy, they want to save more money. But wanting and doing are two very different ideas. 

Successful people build their lives around their most important priorities. They build their days around their training sessions, their family time, their personal mastery time, and their "ME" time. Unsuccessful people do not. You are the only one who can decide what your priorities are. 

If you skip workouts, but never miss a hair appointment then your hair is more important to you than your health. That is what your actions are proving. If you skip eating healthy but never miss an episode of "Keeping up with the Kardashians" then that garbage show is more important than your health. 

Harsh, but true. 

Awareness precedes change. So maybe you just needed someone (Me) to shine the light on what is really happening in your life. Here is a simple way to audit what your priorities are: 

1: Are you fit? 

2: Do you exercise a minimum of 5 hours per week? 

3: Do you smoke? 

4: Do you drink alcohol more than once a week? More than 2 drinks in a sitting? 

5: Do you set personal goals? 

6: How many books do you read a month? 

7: Are you surrounded by positive supportive people? 

8: Do you make excuses on a regular basis? 

9: When is the last time you followed a training and nutrition regimen specifically designed to get you results? 

10: Are you happy? 

Read through your answers a few times and see where your priorities lie. This is an eye opening experience. 

We humans are masters at bullshitting ourselves. We tell ourselves we are "doing our best" when we know damn well we are only partially committed to things. 

Just imagine if you shifted your perception a bit, believed in yourself 100%, focused, and saw every goal you ever had all the way to fruition. 

Where would you be in life? 

What would you look like? 

How would you feel? 

It's still attainable if you make the commitment to yourself to ALWAYS FINISH what you start and make each goal a priority in your life.



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Love the way you write. It was really awesome and full of wisdom. Great you have shared this personal wellness thoughts of you. I really appreciate. Thumbs up!