Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Workout of the Day - Team Training (Vigor Ground Style)

The best and coolest part of what I do as a fitness professional and strength coach, aside from working with amazing & dedicated clients, comes down to the awesome conversations I have with people who ask 'what I do for a living'. Listening to how the conversation shifts gears from the current workouts they're currently involved in, or the lack of exercise and knowing that they want to 'get back into it', it usually ends up with wanting to know what we do in our sessions at Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance.

What are our training sessions are like?

Are the workouts tough?

Is the equipment the 'hardcore stuff' like kettlebells, sleds, barbells?

Well, rather than tying it all out for you, I recently shot a video that depicts a typical 'Team Training (formerly known as Bootcamp) Session' from the warm-ups to the workout itself.

Keep in mind that the timing, reps and sets will vary depending on the exercise protocols we use for a given training session - EDT, Timed Intervals, Countdowns, Stacking, Ascending / Pyramid Reps, etc.

Here's the video.




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