Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mission First

I recieved an email from a good buddy of mine yesterday in regards to a "minor" obstacle he encountered. What did he do to overcome it? He had a 'plan B' as he was on a mission.

Here's what he said:

"So, quick story for you. I packed my gym clothes last night for gym ops this afternoon. Well, this morning when I pulled in to the parking lot at work it occurred to me that I forgot to pack socks. I double checked my bag when I got out of the car and sure enough…no socks. Normally, for most of us this would be one of the pivotal points in the day when we say… “Well I guess I won’t go to the gym today”…I call this the Jedi mind screw…when we have suddenly used the Force against ourselves…ha! This seems to happen with a number of things in our lives…but, you know what…guess who is going to buy socks at lunch? MISSION FIRST!"

This is what the true meaning of “determination” is all about. No matter what obstacles, detours, or roadblocks come our way, 'big' or 'small', we must ALWAYS find a way to overcome them by ANY means necessary.


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