Monday, June 25, 2012

Workout of the Day - The Beast Mode Smackdown

Today was an awesome day because I woke up with the mindset to make it as such! You know, it's funny how some folks just dread the fact that Monday is here and it's time to "get back to the grind". The feeling of starting the week from scratch only to wait till Friday comes around can make it seem as if the light at the end of the tunnel is far from being bright.

The way I see it - carry a flashlight and brighten things up now! To hell with the tunnel! It's time to get BEAST MODE and start climbing the mountain of GREATNESS today while making Monday a day of success!

With that being said, I demolished my workout of the day and felt so awesome that I felt like almost doing my "Handing My Own Ass On A Platter" workout! Note....I did say 'ALMOST'. HA!

Today's workout was pretty 'Beastly' to say the least, hence the name - "The Beast Mode Smackdown".

Check it out:
Instructions: Perform the following exercises for reps following a 5-minute EDT format. Perform as many rounds as possible within 5 minutes, rest for 1 minute, then perform the next set of exercises following the 5 minute EDT/Rest sequence until all sets have been completed!

Set #1
25-35lb. Plate-Loaded Get Ups with Trunk Rotation - R&L x10
Barbell DL x10
Lateral Burpees x10

Set #2
Slosh Pipe Zercher Lunges (Offset Load) x20 - 10/side
1-Legged Decline P/U's x10
TRX Rows - Y/T-Low Row Combo x10

Set 3#
Alternating DB Push Press x10/side
Sandbag Cleans + Alt. Reverse Lunges x10/side
30 Yard Shuttle Sprints x5 (Over/Back =1)

Finisher: 3 Rounds
Lateral Burpees x10
Jamball Slams x10
Val Slide See Saw Planks x10

Give this one a shot and break out the BEAST within!


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