Sunday, July 2, 2017

Your High Heels Look Awesome....But They're Jacking You Up!

High heels.....

Yes, they look awesome!

Well, let me rephrase that - depending on the style, they may look great. But as we all know, no 2 high heels are made nor built the same.

At least that's what I'm assuming coming from a guy's point of view.  But I can vouch this very thing coming from my wife who every now and then finds herself in some stylish form of footwear to match the many dazzling outfits that she owns and wears. 

Despite the fashion craze for having the right heel for the right outfit, the question is - are you willing to endure the cons of the many issues that impact the kinetic chain from your walking gait, posture, low back and hip pain/discomfort in addition to muscular tightness that may restrict movement and range of motion (ROM)?

Here's a great video from the guys at Mind Pump as they discuss the importance of foot health, including exercises to relieve pain and increase your foot and overall health.


- AR

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