Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The NEW Old School of Fat Loss

Guest blog from Chris Lopez, CSCS, CTT
-- (http://www.kettlebellworkouts.com/)

The times are a-changing and it's back to basics for everyone. Plus, it's back to school and back to work for almost everyone in North America.

And because so much more is expected of the "everyday" person - multi- tasking at work, coming home to a family, religious & community obligations - there hardly is ever any time to do much for ourselves.

And sadly, getting a workout in is usually at the bottom of our list of priorities.

When we do find time to train, we usually revert to something that we picked- up out of a magazine or even worse, try to remember what we did back in the old college weight room.

So when the time comes for us to realize that we do need to get in shape and start to live healthier lives we are faced with a dilemma - do we "make the time", be it an extra 3-5 hours per week, to go to the gym and train and cut out excess in our lives?


Can we find a sensible alternative that will...

1) create an environment in our bodies that will allow us to burn fat even if we're not training and

2) be flexible enough for our hectic schedules so that little (time) will be sacrificed.

My question is this...

Why does it have to be one or the other? Why can't it be both?

Can we focus on the essential allowing us to do what we love and still make enough to support our lives?

Can we alter our lifestyle to pare down to only what's necessary thus making room for more important things?

Can our workouts follow the same philosophy where we can do only what's necessary to get the results that we want?

The answer of course is YES and this is a change that I am noticing in health & fitness from our clients and those who look to us for advice.

People now are sick of the excess and are learning to live with less. They are realizing that living a simpler life is more fulfilling than living a life of having too many things, spending more than they're earning and consuming more than they need to.

That's why it's time to...

Let the Kettlebell Revolution Begin

From a training standpoint, nothing provides more efficiency than combining kettlebell training with traditional bodyweight exercises. Separately they still will yield impressive results, but together, NOTHING can compare.

And for busy people, who don't have time to get to the gym, this is the ONLY style of training that provides better and faster results - I believe it even beats sprint interval training - and I challenge you to give it a try.

Kettlebells are compact, transportable and efficient. Combining a series of swings with kettlebell rows, presses & squats can not only improve your physical strength, but your body composition as well.


Because revolution kettlebell training is done in a circuit format with little to no rest between exercises.

Revolution training demands that body transforms - shedding fat and scultping muscle - in order to improve with your performance to complete these circuits in less time each workout.

As Alwyn has said many times before, "Improve your performance and your physique will follow." It's impossible to get better at Kettlebell Revolution training without your body shedding fat and building a sexy, athletic body.

The high intensity kettlebell revolution training applies turbulence to the muscles and causes the largest AFTERBURN response possible - so you'll be burning calories long after your session is complete.

Kettlebell training, an ancient and basic physical artform, truly IS the future of fat loss training.


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