Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Turkey Day Bootcamp

Here are a series of videos that are are guranteed to create some serious damage control before the big feast! This is a hardcore bootcamp workout built specifically for this special occasion using bodyweight exercises ONLY. It’s meant to maximally torch calories, boost metabolism, and deplete muscle glycogen stores that will go a long way to allowing room for some holiday treats!

Workout: 45 Minutes

A) Strength Training: 20 Minutes - 30-30’s Mayhem
  1. 1-Arm Burpee Variation
  2. Side-to-Side Push-up Variation
  3. Y Split Squats Variation
  4. Push-up Row Variation
  5. Skater Jumps Variation

B) Metabolic Training: 20 Minutes - 50-10’s Dynamite

  1. Single-Leg Burpee Variation
  2. Tempo T-Push-ups (3-1-X)
  3. Tempo Single-Leg Hip Extension Variation (2-2-2)
  4. TRX T + Row Combo (Bent-Over T’s if no TRX)
  5. Tempo Squat Jump Combo Variation (3-1-X)

C) Finishers: 5 Minutes - 20-10’s Ultimate Tabatas

  1. Front Pillar to Push-up Transfer Variation
  2. Side Pillar to Push-up Transfer Variation (L)
  3. Side Pillar to Push-up Transfer Variation (R)
  4. Single-Leg Back Pillar Variation (switch legs halfway)

BRING IT! Happy Thanksgiving!


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