Wednesday, July 14, 2010

4 Excuses for Not Working Out

Get your butt up & move! Seriously! There's truly no excuse for you not being fit, healthy and happy. Yet, I hear many and all sorts of excuses all the time.

Some of the lamest excuses ever for not working out and taking care of yourself are:
  • “I Don’t Have Time” – That is the lamest excuse ever, and one that I don't buy at all! C'mon....who doesn't have time? It’s not a time-management problem you're having - it’s a self-management problem. If you have time to go to happy hour with your buddies and/or gal pals after work, you have time to workout. If you have time to be on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other social site, you have time to workout. If you have time to watch 3-4 hours of reality TV, then you definitely have time to workout. Lame!!

  • “I Have An Injury” – You can work around nearly all injuries. Athletes have injuries and yet win Olympic gold metals with them. Some athletes don’t even have full use of their limbs and yet play ball-busting, gut-wrenching games and competitions. If you have an acute injury, then follow the protocol for rehab and recovery as prescribed by your doctor. However, don’t allow that injury to be the excuse for not getting back into a healthy fitness regime. If you do have a chronic injury, try an exercise that is soft on the injury with little stress or impact to the body. There is always, always a way.

  • “Too Busy With The Kids” - Okay, so let me get this straight. You're blaming your kids for your lack of fitness routine? Nice one, but no dice! Wouldn’t you rather your kids see what a rock star you are? Wouldn’t you rather have your kids see how strong, fit, capable, self-respecting and self-loving you are? After all, it's you they learn from - mirror and mimic. Want to be the best mom or dad you can be for your kids? Then start exercising and become active now! You can even turn fitness into family fun while also including the kids. Strap ‘em on and take them for a walk. Use the baby as weight - afterall, they do weight something, right?! There are all kinds of post-natal yoga, Pilates and workout DVDs that involve the little ones.

  • “I Can’t Afford It” – WHATEVER! You don’t need a dime to workout. Not even one shiny little penny. Get your butt outside and go for a walk. Put a mat down on the floor and do some planks, leg lifts, squats and lunges while you are watching TV. Go to a park or playground and get your fitness program rollin'. There are thousands of videos on Youtube you can watch for FREE! Money is the last thing you need to be fit.
I gotta go….jump squats are next on my to do list!

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