Friday, August 27, 2010

Follow the Proven Plan

As most of you know, I was in Long Beach, CA a few weeks ago attending the Perform Better 3-Day Functional Training Summit. It was an awesome weekend being surrounded by over 650 like-minded fitness trainers and coaches. The energy was awesome and the surroundings were amazing. Then again, being in Long Beach right on the water is never a bad gig!

During my weekend adventure, many interesting and educational discussions took place. One topic of discussion that came about with my fellow trainers & colleagues was our personal frustration about the lack of 'follow through' of instructions with some of our clinetele. Let me give you an example of something that I shared.

I remember putting together a bookshelf that I figured I could piece together without looking at the instruction booklet. As I went on putting this thing together, I noticed a few foreign pieces that were left over - it seems this always happens when you have to construct something out of a box. Anyway, I finished it and just as fast as I could put anything on the shelves, the whole thing tumbled over!

My lesson learned - 'read the instruction booklet beforehand and stick with it!'
One morning one of my clients walked into my office and said, "I know you said that I should have the veggie and eggbeater omelet but I decided to stop by Starbucks and ordered a muffin and a grande coffee for breakfast." Right then I almost hesitated to ask what kind of 'coffee' she ordered. "A peppermint white mocha with skinny milk". As you can see, her breakfast choice was obviously not the same as to one I told her to eat.

Just this morning, I was helping someone else with their 'metabolic resistance training' plan and they had the audacity to say, "This is too hard for me! I want something EASIER!" Are your freakin' kidding me?!! And you wonder why they lack results and yet they're still the ones complaining about their weight gain, lack of fat loss, etc.!

And the personal trainer subtitles read: “I’d rather eat garbage than look or feel better. I’m making a conscious decision to go ahead and get fatter because I love food more than I love myself. I'd also rather do things that are easy because the even though the harder things are better for me, I just can't do them!”

Sorry folks. I don't know about you but I just don't buy it. Just like my old college football coach would say, "Excuses are like A-holes......everybody has one!"

If you're in a quest to look & feel better, to perform at your optimal level, and want to see results, you must stick with a proven plan and FOLLOW IT!! If not, don't be surprised if your bookshelf turns out to be a mess!


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