Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How to Discover Your Destiny

Guest blog from my good friend, Ryan Cook. Be sure to check out his blog as he has lots of great info on there!

While I was reading today, I came across 8 steps to discover your destiny. Although, I know step processes don't always work, i.e., '4 easy steps to lose weight', '5 steps to financial freedom' and so on, I thought these were pretty close to a good 'step' program. Good stuff:
  • Think about the desires of your heart, not what someone else wants you to do, or the fleeting fantasies of your mind - Ps. 37:3-4
  • Determine what stirs your passion, drive and zeal - John 2:17
  • Know what gifts and talents flow naturally through you - Rom. 12:4-6
  • Seek counsel from mature friends, both Christian and non-christian and leaders - Prov. 11:14; 18:1
  • Listen to the witness of the Holy Spirit in your spirit - Rom. 8:14
  • Understand what you can or can't give yourself 100% in order to accomplish it - 1John 3:16
  • Know what produces good fruit in your life - Matt. 12:33
  • Follow the peace of God inside you - Col. 3:15



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