Sunday, April 10, 2011

Warm-Up 101: How to Warm-Up for Your Workout

What's going on people? I hope all is well and I also hope you've managed to sneak in some kick-ass workouts. As for me, let's just say that today is what I consider a well deserved 'recovery day' after performing 2 days of back-to-back Bootcamp workouts!

I want to thank my 2 good friends, Isaac Ho, CPT - owner of BeFit Tacoma & Albert Park, CPT & strength coach at Hocevar Performance for 2 awesome days of workouts! Keep doing your thing fellas & I look forward to seeing you both again soon.

On a somewhat related note, I want to discuss and help you understand the significance of a proper warm-up prior to starting your workout. During these last 2 days of Bootcamp, both Isaac and Albert introduced various components of warm-up tactics before cranking out our workout.

The components included:
  • Dynamic/static flexibility
  • Stability/mobility
  • Joint integrity
  • Fluid ROM (range of motion)
  • Movement prep
Now...if your idea of a 'proper warm-up' consists of jogging on the treadmill for 5-10 minutes before training, you're asking for trouble!

To help you get more from your warm-up activities, check out this AWESOME, MUST-READ post from Albert Park's blog (The Training Lifestyle) - Warm-up 101: How to Warm-Up for Your Workout

It's really good stuff that I know you'll get a lot from.

Please do me a favor - DON'T just read this info and 'leave it on the shelf', so to say. Read it and put it to use the next time you're getting ready to crank out your killer workout!

Until next time, enjoy and stay strong!


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