Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Pushup - The Most Underrated Exercise

The pushup seems to be one of those exercises that most people tend to forget about nor bother with. Here are some of the reasons that I've heard as to why some don't perform pushups:
  • They seem 'too easy' 
  • There's no true strength component to benefit from
  • They're boring
  • I did them back in high school - it's an old school exercise that has no value
  • Blah, blah, blah..... 
Don't underestimate the power of the pushup and the value it has to help build total body strength. It's an exercise that was once-forgotten and is making a huge comeback. The reason is due to the versatility and the variations of the movement. Just when you think that you've mastered a specific pushup exercise, along comes another variation that's guaranteed to challenge you to greater heights.

Here's a test for you - perform as many pushups as you can in 3-minutes. You can rest & recover whenever you want within those 3-minutes but the clock will still be running. Performing 55 is average, but it you can't reach 75, then you either need to get stronger or lose weight!

Check out these 7 variations of the pushup that's guaranteed to help you get stronger and shed a few lb's in the process.

If you're in need to perfect your form in mastering the pushup, then read this post.

Now....get pushin'!


*Source: menshealth.com

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