Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Train Because....

The other day I was in the gym going about my business and getting my own ass kicked. I was at the tail end of my workout and taking some recovery before cranking out my metabolic finisher. I noticed a few members staring in my direction as I started my 2-minute metabolic blast!

After the brutality of Burpees, High-Knee Sprints, 1-1/2 Push-ups and Squat Jumps for 30-seconds each, I lay there on the floor exhausted, feeling my heart pounding against my chest, trying to catch my breathe as I lay in a pool of my own sweat.

Cautiously one member walked up to me and asked if I was O.K. I looked up, smiled and said I felt awesome! Surprised by my response, she asked me the ultimate question - "Why do you train?"

After a brief pause of a few seconds to catch my breathe, I collected my thoughts and told her the various reasons why.

I train because....
  • It's what I love to do
  • It makes me feel tons better
  • It reduces negative stress
  • It allows me to think clearly and 'think outside the box'
  • It improves my physical performance
  • It helps to improve my posture, my movement ability and reduces the risk of injuries
  • It keeps my waistline in check 
  • It boosts my metabolism
  • It improves my strength, power, speed, agility, quickness and flexibility
  • It reduces body fat
  • It makes me leaner
  • It increases lean muscle 
  • It's awesome
  • It's what the human body was designed for
  • It makes me stronger
  • It improves my cardiovascular health
  • I like the feeling of my heart pounding against my chest
  • If I don't, I start feeling like s#*t
  • I'm afraid of getting fat and lazy
  • I make the time to do so
  • I'm all about taking on a challenge and succeeding
  • It allows me to take my training to a whole new level
  • I know I can overcome perceived limitations by pushing forth by never quitting
  • I can experiment with new exercises, protocols and methodologies
  • I can create my own style of training
  • I like to embrace the chaos & discomfort knowing that I'm getting better when I do
  • I continue to build thick skin to ward off ignorance, criticism, doubts & fear
  • I know results come from doing the things that I dislike
  • It allows me to ditch the stuff that's worthless and keep the stuff that works
Most importantly, I train because....
  • I have NO EXCUSE not to!


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