Saturday, April 2, 2016

Getting Out Of a Rut

I remember a while back logging onto my laptop as I was about to check my emails when I came across a photo that I was tagged in on Facebook by one of my friends.

It was a photo that caught my attention because it was a quote from one of our Pacific Northwest local pro athletes/celebrities – the infamous starting quarterback for the NFL World Champions Seattle Seahawks, Russell Wilson.

Here’s what the pic & quote said:

As I read this, I thought of the times when I too became a ‘victim’ of feeling stuck and not making the progress I wanted to make as a Fitness Professional. What’s funny is that these so-called ‘limitations’ were a product of my thinking.

Yes, you heard that right!

I was feeling stuck because my mind was stuck in a rut where I found myself asking the same thing over and over again – “Is this all there is?”

I also felt angry and upset as I tried to figure out why things were so stale – both personally and professionally. I knew there was more to my personal and professional life than what was being reflected at the given time.

I knew that if I anticipated spicing things up, giving myself room to breathe and expand & upgrade my quality of life, something had to change. If I planned to elevate my standards of what would bring me more happiness, I knew I wouldn’t attain it if I didn’t transform myself from the inside out.

And it all started by making the conscious choice to change my routine!

I found myself being sick & tired, frustrated until I took ACTION and did something about it. 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard numerous conversations from people I know or just being out in public with people expressing how they don’t like their current situation – how they dislike the way they look and/or feel, they’re miserable with their job/career, the relationships they’re in are going sour, how horrible their nutrition habits are, how they’re tired all of the time, how they’re so stressed out about X,Y or Z, how they've tried EVERYTHING (have you really?) to help get them to their desired goals and outcomes, etc.

If you’re that miserable, aggravated, upset, disturbed, annoyed and/or irritated about your reality, just like the quote above says, “It’s because it’s a reflection of your routine”!

I know I can sit here in front of my laptop and say things like “do something about it” in regards to changing your reality. But what good would that do if you’re not mentally eager nor motivated to alter and modify your current situation no matter what you’re dealing with?!

It all starts with a choice; a choice that allows you to explore your options with the intent to get out of the rut you’re in. I think more often than none, we find ourselves being bound by the infamous ball & chain not knowing that we have possession of the key to break away from them. One must summon up the strength to break the cycle even though it may take facing a fear or two, maybe more. 

When I found myself craving something different to do, I really had no idea that I was truly in a rut until I had a deep desire to quench my thirst for a change in my life. Maybe you’re feeling the same way too and not know you’re in a rut. However, you may have that gut instinct about something, which is a pretty strong signal that comes from deep within.

I know when I had gut instincts about things, I've learned to go with it, respect it and follow through with it. I do know that when I listened to it, things served me well. Rather than seeking other’s opinions, waiting for the facts or attaining permission to move forward, I simply said “screw that” and went with my intuition. Perhaps you may need to do the same!

And let me tell you, it's scary as hell when you do! But what's contradictory to it all is that if feels liberating! You gotta be honest with yourself and tell the truth, no matter how much it stings or hurts. I know this sounds cliche and all but as the saying goes, the truth shall set you free!

I briefly mentioned personal & professional growth and development above. As I took the time to reflect and get my thoughts in order in what I wanted to gain and what I aspired to achieve, I had to evaluate and analyze my strengths and weaknesses in ALL areas of my life.

When it came to the areas of giftedness, I knew I had to sustain them by working on my strengths. In terms of my character, I had to identify my weaknesses and start putting in the work to see what necessities I needed to acquire if I planned to grow and flourish. In other words, take this a way of saying that you should always work on yourself first and foremost. It also means to do more with less by simply focusing your time and energy on the right kind of work needed that aligns with your desired goals and outcomes vs. just spinning your wheels and taking on more than you can chew.

If you take the time to identify what you want, you will always have a point of reference as to why you do the things you do. I refer to this as your personal North Star - north as in the direction to always keep striving to move upward. It’s imperative that you understand that every choice and every decision that you make every single day will ultimately impact whether you’re getting closer or going further away from your goals and desired outcomes.  

What inspires you?

What are your motivations?

What goals, dreams and desires do you have for your personal and/or professional life?

What challenges, roadblocks and/or obstacles are you currently facing that’s getting in your way to achieve personal greatness?

What makes you happy?

What I've come to realize as a strength coach and personal trainer is that life is about more than just lifting weights, pushing sleds, eating right and eating clean.

It's about the unification of all the things that make you who you are within the 4 phases of total transformation - Physical, Psychological, Relationships, Career/Biz.

Act as if you have already arrived to where you want to be and reverse engineer the process to get you there.

You may just surprise yourself and what you’re capable of achieving! 


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