Thursday, February 4, 2010

Workout of the Day

Here's a workout that I performed with some of my morning guys. We knocked this bad boy out in about 45-minutes!! Give it a shot & remember......BRING IT all day long!

Body Blast - “Metabolic Series Workout”

Booster (Dymanic Warm-Up)
1. Jacks x10
2. Lateral Squats x10
3. Seal Jacks x10
4. Pogo Hops x10

*Repeat 2x after 30-60 sec. recovery

Fire BombNeed: DB’s
1. DB Thruster x20
2. Static Lunges (Pulsing) (R&L) x20
3. Quick Press x20
4. Inverse Pull-Up (Smith-Machine) x20
5. DB Swing x20
6. Squat to Front/Lateral Raise Combo x20

*Repeat 2x after 30-60 sec. recovery

Mad Dog INeed: BOSU, Mat
1. BOSU Squats/Squat Jumps x20
2. Wall Squats/Sits x20 sec.
3. Push-Ups x20
4. BOSU Up ‘N’ Over x20
5. Plank-to-Pushups x10
6. BOSU “Around the World” Taps x20 sec. (R & L side)

*Repeat 2x after 30-60 sec. recovery

Blitz Need: Mat
1. Cross Crunches x20
2. Gate Swings x20
3. Squat Jumps x20
4. Pike Crunches x20
5. Ali Shuffle x20
6. Spiderman Push-Ups x20

*Repeat 2x after 30-60 sec. recovery



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Adrian Robles said...

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