Friday, June 25, 2010

Add Some Hot Sauce

There you are.....sitting at the table with a plate of food in front of you that tastes alright, nothing too special about it. You know something's missing and need to bring a little more flavor to experience the full epicurean savoriness of the dish. Salt? No! Pepper? Nah! HOT SAUCE?! OH YEAH!!

Adding hot sauce to any dish can be a 'life altering' experience, especially for the novice. Regardless, any experienced hot sauce connoisseur embraces the experience as a divine formality. Add hot sauce, you feel a slight discomfort which turns into an intense stinging sensation, your eyes begin to water, your face starts turning red, you feel your core temperature rise and then you start to sweat! You start guzzling massive amounts of water only to temporarily relieve the fiery anguish but in reality the only way it gets better is with time (and possibly with some ice cold milk)!

I like to use this analogy in context as a metaphor for flavoring food as well as 'adding spice to your workouts' and 'kicking things up a bit'. Most people that I see spend their workout time only performing slow, continuous, not to mention boring training exercises. How about those cell phone yackers and magazine & newspaper readers who are oblivious to the effort (or lack of) put forth into their workouts?!

I know I've said this time and again but if results are what you're after - whether it's fat loss, increasing lean muscle, boosting metabolism, losing inches from your waistline - you MUST perform some form of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). HITT is the HOT SAUCE!! HITT IS WHERE NO SLACKERS ARE ALLOWED - EVER!! You must experience the discomfort, push forth with every ounce of sweat that pours out of your body, build your foundation of intestinal fortitude, and rise above the anguish of what wants to keep holding you down! For some this sounds like a hot sauce eating episode. But for those of us who have been there before and enjoy eating the hottest of hot sauces, this is nothing new! This is just another challenge that we overcome. We make no excuses, we dig our heels in and go to work!

Adding hot sauce is what it's all about. Instead of doing the same old, boring program, kick things up and try different, non-traditional methods that will 'shock the system', if you will. You need to embrace the discomfort and not be scared in doing so during the process. Go through each hot sauce eating experience objectively as no one can understand what you've been through unless they go through it themselves. Whether it 's actual hot sauce eating or metabolic disruptive workouts, in the end you'll be glad you went through the experience and lived to tell about it! HA!

If I ever see you in the gym, slacking off and not putting forth any muscle grease, nor adding any ounce of teeth gritting "umph", yapping away at the person next to you, or reading the Sunday funnies when you ought to be focusing on your heart rate, workout intensity and calories burned, don't be shocked nor surprised if I sneak up from behind and say, "You better add some hot sauce to your program!


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