Monday, June 28, 2010

Workout of the Day

"Pick a Card"

Here's a great, awesome workout that utilizes a deck of playing cards and bodyweight vs. gravity.

Use 1 deck of playing cards and add 2-4 Jokers in the deck. Assign each suit an exercise (these exercises can vary to your liking). In my case, I used the following:
  • Spades = Jumping Jacks or Seal Jacks
  • Diamonds = Burpees
  • Clubs = Push ups (any variation)
  • Hearts = Squats or Squat Jumps
The reps for each exercise are as follows:
  • 2 = 2 reps
  • 3 = 3 reps
  • 4 = 4 reps
  • 7 = 7 reps......etc.
  • All face cards = 10 reps
  • All Aces = 11 reps
  • Jokers = ALL reps are DOUBLED until another Joker is pulled (then go back to single reps)

Playing the 'Pick a Card' Exercise Game

Pick 1 card at a time (all cards should be facing down) and follow the rules above. Say you draw an Ace of Hearts - perform 11 reps of squats or squat jumps. Next you draw a 9 of Diamonds - perform 9 burpees. Say you draw a Joker on your 3rd attemp, pick another card from the deck (4th attemp) and you draw a King of Clubs - perform 20 pushups (since the reps are doubled). Keep drawing cards, doubling each rep until another Joker is drawn then return to single reps.

You can also use this various particiants - handing out cards to everyone until are cards in the deck have been dealt out. Form a circle, each person draws 1 card, and everyone performs the give exercise.

Get creative, change the exercises the next time you play this game and also add new challenges for the Joker. An example could be to run lines, or jog 1 lap around the exercise circle after each exercise when the Joker is drawn. Repeat this sequence until another Joker is pulled, then go back to regular reps.

Train hard & have fun with this one!


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