Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Staying Focused & Motivated For Summer

The winter holidays aren't the only holidays that can and do sabotage health and fitness goals. Procrastination is just as prevalent in the summer. Summer is the busiest time for travelling & vacationing. So how do we keep our workouts consistent when travelling or when lounging on white sandy beaches? Check it out:
  1. Know your weaknesses, learn from past mistakes: Figure out what has sabotaged your success in the past. We can anticipate the challenges that will inevitably arise and overcome them. Are you a morning person or do you tend to sleep in on vacation? Do you love cardio, but hate resistance/weight/strength training or vice versa?

  2. Plan for success: Have specific process goals to overcome your challenges where you have failed in the past. Know how long you are going to dedicate to exercise every day.

  3. Always remember WHY: Why are you exercising? Is it to look and feel better? Why do you want to look and feel better? Remember the pain and what you have to lose if you don’t achieve your goals. How will that affect you?

  4. Have a specific workout you can do anywhere: This will eliminate EXCUSES! Convenience is key. Get into a routine before you are travelling as it'll be easier to stick to it. My go-to piece of fitness equipment for 'Fitness Anywhere'.....the TRX Suspension Trainer. It's portable, durable and guaranteed to give you a great workout!

Just because summer is here, it's no reason to start slacking in your workouts! Add some hot sauce to your progam and get to work son!


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