Friday, February 24, 2012

The 6-Min. EDT Spontaneous Combustion Chaos Workout

Here's a quick workout that I think you'll like and will find challenging. Challenging but NOT impossible!

It'll definitely ignite your metabolism and keeping it roaring long after the workout is done!

Check it out.

The 6-Min EDT Spontaneous Combustion Chaos

Instructions: Perform each exercise for ascending reps starting at 2 for 6 minutes per station. The goal is to get as many reps (in increments of 2) as possible for each exercise pair. Rest for 60 seconds and repeat again for the next station. Repeat this sequence until all stations have been completed. Time to FIRE IT UP!!

A1) KB/DB High Pulls
A2) Burpees

B1) Squat Thrusters
B2) Spiderman Pushups

C1) KB/DB/BB Deadlifts
C2) Valslide See-Saws

Get to it and BRING IT!


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