Thursday, February 2, 2012

Creating Your "Not To Do" Bucket List

"I want to get leaner!"

"I want to shed 10-20 lbs by the start of summer!"

"I want to travel and see the wonders of the world."

"I want more money in my bank account!"

"I want....."

We all have needs and wants that we feel will make our lives better. Whether it be a leaner, muscular physique or having some extra spending cash. We're constantly seeking the opportunity to create change for the better....or are we?
I just read an awesome blog post by my good friend and colleague Martin Rooney, CSCS - founder of Training for Warriors (TFW) titled "To Do, or Not To Do, That Is the Question, and it's one that I feel everyone MUST read.

Martin Rooney - The man I call "The Warrior of All Warriors".

If you've never met Martin, he's one of the most passionate, charismatic, high-intensity, goal driven, entertaining and wickedly smart guys you'll ever meet. And if you've never heard him speak, he just has a way with words that's captivating, attention grabbing and knows how to break down the most complicated & complex of issues and putting them into layman's terms. The point is, after reading Martin's post, he sets the platform in helping people get closer to the "I wants" listed above and turning them into reality by simply NOT doing a lot things in order to make them happen.

Huh?! Are you confused by that last sentence?

Well, let me elaborate if I must.

My life as a fitness trainer & strength coach has it's challenges yet it's the things that don't matter that has gotten me to where I am today. Yet everyday I work hard and put my time in to making myself better each day than the one before. What I mean is that I have spent many hours, days, months and years becoming who I am today by deflecting the toxic stuff out of my life. Toxic stuff that can hold you back and knock you down to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. Trust me, it's not easy but everyday as I instill these "lifestyle habits" of deviating the bad stuff, things get clearer and better!

I ask you this - "Are you where you want to be at this point and time in your life?" If the answer is "No", then maybe it's time to look at the things that may be interfering & hindering your progress.

I call these things "Toxic Lifestyle Contributors".

What are they?
  • Watching too much T.V.
  • Spending many hours playing video games / computer time
  • Staying out late / partying 
  • Eating CRAP - Carbonated drinks, Refined sugars, Artificial sweeteners & colors, Processed junk
  • Not eating real FOOD - Fruits and lots of veggies, Organic lean protein, Omega-3 fats, Drinking water
  • Missing workouts
  • Bad/negative people
  • Not preparing ahead of time / no plan formulation
  • Anything else not listed above that can have a direct negative impact on any aspect of your life
Now if you were to take all the things above, mash them together and throw them into a bucket, you'd then have your "Not To Do Bucket List".

As Martin explains in his blog, "Many people think a “Bucket List” is all the things you would like to do in your life. I have a slightly different approach. In order to achieve your “To Do” Bucket List, I first think you should make a “Not To Do” Bucket List of the things you shouldn’t be doing. Start checking off that list and I promise the “To Do” Bucket List will get much closer to reality because the easiest way to get what you want is to first remove what is holding you back."

Nothing couldn't be further from the truth! Work on identifying the things that hold you back and you'll start inching your way to the things you truly want in life.

In terms of health, fitness & nutrition goals, I know many people who come to me with lots of questions about how to improve their diet in order to shed body fat and lose weight. I always turn the tables on them and ask what are the things they know they shouldn't be doing that's causing them grief, frustration and goal setbacks. Working on the "Not To Do Bucket List" first should always take precedence before worrying about the things we need "To Do".

Here's the thing - let's say you plan to start taking nutritional supplements to improve your physique, yet you're still eating CRAP (as mentioned above). Chances are you'll never reach your physique goals and/or it will take you a long time to get there if you don't eliminate the CRAP from your diet. Simply put, it's no use wasting time, energy and money on supplements if you plan on heading over to the local grill for beer & wings after your workouts.

It's like oil and water -  no matter how hard you try to make them mesh together, the two will never mix!

Time to get after it!

And stay away from the bad stuff. know what they are!


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