Monday, February 6, 2012

Your Fitness Playground Awaits You

I remember back when I was a kid my parents would always tell me to go outside and play. I guess rough-housing with my brothers, eating junk food and running around the house wasn't cutting it with mom & dad that they'd literally had to kick us out of the house!

Well, we may not have the same child-like activities today as we did back then but that shouldn't be an excuse for not enjoying the outdoors, should it? Not even close! If anything, I firmly believe that we should always be looking for a reason to get outside and "play"! 

The coolest thing about the benefits of exercising outdoors are:
  • You don't need a ton nor any equipment to get a great workout - if anything, get a TRX
  • No crowded gyms
  • You don't need to get in your car & drive long distances to get to the gym
  • No need to get all 'prettied up' with make up & fancy workout clothes to wear for the gym
  • You'll get sufficient vitamin D assuming you have lots of sunshine in your neck of the woods
  • The ability to get a great workout anytime, any place, anywhere - even when you're on vacation!
  • Enjoying the fresh air vs. stagnant, odorous, stale indoor airflow
I'm sure there are plenty of other reasons that you can think of to get an outdoor workout that would fit into your particular lifestyle. I recommend that you start "thinking outside the box" in terms of exercises that you can do.

Things such as:
  • Monkey bar pull-ups/chin-ups
  • Dips - using park benches, balance beams, picnic tables, etc.
  • Running/jogging hills
  • Shuttle run/sprints - can be performed on any open field like football, soccer, baseball; if not, try running/sprinting in place
  • Leap frog/broad jumps - forward, lateral, diagonal, any multi-directional movement
  • Push-ups - on trees, fences, on the grass; incline & decline variations
  • Squats/Squat Jumps, Lunges/Jump Lunges
  • If you have a TRX, there are a TON of exercises you can do by using this awesome apparatus
  • The possibilities are endless!
Your body was designed for get outside and take advantage of your "fitness playground"!

I guarantee you won't be disappointed!


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